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Have you ever Been Rear-Ended?

Have you ever Been Rear-Ended?

Have you been even been rear-ended while driving? Here is an interesting fact associated with this type of accident.

Individuals who are rear-ended and not-at-fault suffer from persistent pain far more than individuals at-fault who have done the rear ending. Perceived injustice has been associated with severity and persistence of pain after a whiplash injury.

Of all the patients post motor vehicle accident (MVA) that we have seen over the years, how many have ever actually admitted, vast majority of our patients are ‘victims’ and express, “I was driving safely and suddenly I was hit from behind.”

Based on survival instincts, the brain is always evaluating the “threat value” of everything we perceive by our five senses. When forced upon us without our consent, the threat value of
an MVA become greater.

-Bahram Jam

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