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Physiotherapy Services In Barrie, Laser therapy & Shockwave Therapy Barrie

Medic Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist owned clinic in Barrie which provides its patients with a high quality service through evidenced-based practice and patient centered care. Evidence Based Practice implies that all of our clinical
decisions are based on recent clinical studies and by Patient Centered Care we mean that every individual patient receives a customized physiotherapy treatment and our patients and their families are actively involved in decision making process of
physiotherapy goal settings and treatment plan. Our patients spend most of their time with a registered physiotherapist. All forms of assessment and treatment are primarily performed and monitored by your physiotherapist.

We specialize in orthopaedic and neuromuscular conditions. We provide treatments that combine manual hands on therapy, exercises and application of latest high technology equipment.

We also provide home visits within Barrie and surrounding areas. We can proudly state that we are the only clinic in Barrie that brings high technology equipment i.e. laser and Shockwave to your home for treatment. Physiotherapy Services In Barrie

Medic Physiotherapy mainly serves communities in Barrie but we have patients coming to our clinic from as far as Gravenhurst, Ontario. Most of our patients are referred to us through word of mouth.

Medic Physiotherapy is a private clinic. Our services are covered by extended health care insurance, WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) and self-pay. Currently, we are not accepting Motor Vehicle Claims.

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Physiotherapy Services In Barrie

Physiotherapist Barrie

The Hands That Heal – Noshin Luff  Physiotherapy Services In Barrie

“You may not appreciate the presence of good health, but you will definitely regret the absence of good health, because health is happiness  – Amit Kalant

Healthy life style is everything a person needs. It brings you closer to your loved ones, family, work and helps you to lead a good professional, personal and social life.
I am Noshin Luff, a registered Physiotherapist, and have been practicing Physiotherapy
in Ontario since 2007. I am active member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Ontario Physiotherapy Association. I am in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the regulatory board for the province of Ontario.
I believe I stay in touch with most recent technology and practices to best serve my patients. I always try to provide evidence based and client centered care to my patients, utilizing various methods and combinations.
I believe that the anatomy
of a human body is uniquely designed and each patient is unique with subject to his/her injury, which requires customization in treatments. In order to achieve best results I incorporate different methods or combinations of treatments such as customized
exercise programs, manual therapy techniques, taping, tissue distraction release techniques, use of high and latest technology equipment such as Laser, Radial Shockwaves and Ultrasound etc.
My focus is on preventative care for example provide
counselling to my clients as a part of physiotherapy program such as modification in life style, different exercises, sleep, emotional stress etc. I also provide ergonomic counselling to decrease pain, accelerate healing time and prevent future injury.
I always try to work in collaboration with my patient’s general physician or health care practitioner, and refer them to relevant healthcare providers in order to improved quality of life.
There are various tools to diagnose patients, I prefer
to use most reliable and effective tools or outcome measures to evaluate and monitor the progress of my patients. This helps me in modifying the treatment plans and determining the return time of my patient to his/her work, sports, school or pre-injury
level etc.
My clients are from all occupations and age groups.